Frequently Asked Questions

What type of loan is "payday loan"?

Payday loan is a small monetary help that is provided to the borrower until pay day. Therefore it is called this way. You can also run across the term ‘cash advance’ as its essence resembles cash advance provided at work with one exception though. You have to pay the fee for the service and it will depend upon the sum borrowed.

How fast can I be approved?

The approval is provided for clients within an hour as a rule.

How fast can I get payday loan?

It can take a day or two until you get the cash on your banking account.

When should I return payday loan?

The term of repayment takes as a rule from 2 to 4 weeks. When the day of salary arrives you have to give it back and a fee that is taken for the service.

How do I repay payday loan?

We care about our clients therefore money can be automatically withdrawn from your banking account on a day of repayment.

What if I am not able to repay the loan?

In case you can’t repay your payday loan on a due date you should apply to the lending company and inform about that. There is possibility to extend the loan but you will have to pay the additional fee for that. Alternatively, you can repay part of the loan and the amount of fee will not be so high. There are three possible solutions: you repay the debt fully, you repay the borrowed money partially and you pay the fee and extend the loan. However, we should warn you that it can become too expensive for you. Try to calculate the total sum in advance and adequately assess your financial abilities.

Will I have to send fax to prove that I can be trusted?

We provide faxless payday loans and do not require fax from our customers. You can fill in online application and submit it online. When you approved the money will be transferred to your banking account and you can withdraw them in ATM.

Who is eligible for the payday loan?

Any person who is over 18, has regular job and income from $1000 per month can apply for payday loan. He should also be a citizen of the country and have a banking account.

What information should I enter in the application form?

Application forms are standard. The following information is usually necessary: name, data of birth, address, SSN, place of job, contact information.

Can I borrow two payday loans?

No, you can’t. This is forbidden. You can submit an application for payday loan and you will not be eligible for the second one until you repay it.

How many times a year can I apply for the loan?

There is no limit here. You can apply for payday loan as often as you wish. But you should understand that it is not recommended for your budget.